Let There Be Light

So this week I actually learned something new about my camera and about taking photos in general.

When I saw the topic, I knew I would be in trouble because I really have been struggling with figuring out lighting for my photos. Overhead lights are just too yellow. The MIL camera has white balance settings to try and compensate for that, but I still spend too much time in editing trying to balance the harsh yellow with the contrast of light and dark.

We do have a lot of windows in our living room/dining room which is where Liam and I spend the majority of our time. But I still have problems with balancing the bright light coming in through the windows with the shadows of an otherwise dark house.

So, I enlisted the help of Mrs. Brooke.  I didn’t get to read everything she sent me, but one thing I learned was I have a light meter on my camera! That made things a lot easier once I figured out what that meant and how to mess with the settings for the desired result.

I still have a long ways to go, but using manual mode makes a lot more sense now.

I wasn’t sure on what kind of photo I wanted for this week. So I decided to play with the light, literally.


IMG_5569IMG_5650 (2)IMG_5698IMG_5705 (2)

I like the one with the toybox. If the light is just right, you can see shadows of his toys. I ended up choosing the one I did because of the light coming through the back door, but also because the way he stopped and stared at the wall. Perhaps looking at his shadow?

I will admit I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the photos this week. It is March Madness time and anyone who knows me knows I will be glued to the tv to cheer on my cats!

Oh and I think I mentioned on here that Liam has been taking steps on his own. You can clearly see in my chosen photo that he is up on his feet, mid step when he sees his shadow. He has been moving and grooving a lot these past few days. And he gets such a proud look on his face when he does it. Love my big boy!


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